India's Foreign Policy

India has followed certain basic principles in the conduct of its foreign policy from which it has not deviated much. In fact, some of its basic features such as nonalignment remain significant and relevant. India has contributed significantly to UN efforts for peace and disarmament and to UN peacekeeping operations.

Basic Objectives & Principles of Foreign Policy

Preservation of national interest, achievement of world peace, disarmament, independence for Afro-Asian nations have been important objectives of India’s foreign policy.

Panchsheel - India advocated adherence to five guiding principles known as Panchsheel. The Panchsheel agreement enumerates best the principles of peaceful co-existence with neighbours. It is an important component of India’s foreign policy.

Non-alignment  has been regarded as the most important feature of India’s foreign policy. Non-alignment aimed to maintain national independence in foreign affairs by not joining any military alliance formed by the USA and Soviet Union in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The Non-Aligned Movement is providing all member states regardless of size and importance an opportunity to participate in global decision making and world politics.

Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Racism, Anti Colonialism - India has always opposed colonialism and racism. Whenever any injustice happened India raised its voice.

Strengthening of UN

  • India has always viewed UN as a vehicle for peace and for peaceful change in world politics.
  • Apart from this, India has always expected UN to actively involve countries to moderate their differences through talks or negotiations. Further, India has advocated active role for UN in development effort of Third World countries.
  • India has pleaded for a common united front of the third world countries in the UN.

India & The United Nations

India’s Contribution to UN Efforts for Peace & Disarmament - Disarmament is limitation reduction and possible elimination of dangerous (like nuclear) weapons.

  • India has consistently pursued the objective of global disarmament based on the principles of non-discrimination.
  • India has contributed to UN significantly on disarmament in terms of ideas, resolutions initiatives & bridging differences through action plans. In 1948, India had proposed limiting the use of atomic energy to peaceful purposes and elimination of nuclear weapons from national arsenals.
  • In 1984, India launched a Six-Nation Five Continent Peace Initiative.