Nation and State

Nation or state is a political organization. The nation and nationality both words are derived from same word and there are many elements of nationality, but no single or combined elements is indispensable. The state is a political organisation with its four major elements, people, territory, government, and sovereignty.

Nation and Nationality

Nation is a group of people who belongs to the same culture, history, language, or caste and live in a government in the same country.

Nationality word derived from the Latin word "natus", meaning "to be born." Nationality is a psychological phenomenon.

Elements of Nationality

Common Geography: Same region constitute a nationality

Common Race: Same nationality belongs to one group & social unity

Common Language: Same language binds people

Common religion: Nationality strengthened by same religion

Common Political Framework: Same political structure

Economic Factor: Doing the same work connects people

Common Subjugation: Equal subordination

Political Aspiration: To be a nation


State is the focal point of the study of political science. The word state is also used for state management and state aid.