Salient Features of the Constitution

Constitution symbolises independence of country and the framework structure for the governance of free country are provided in the Constitution. Preamble declares India to be a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic and mentions the goals of securing justice, liberty, and equality for all its citizens and promotion of national unity and integrity based on fraternity among the people assuring dignity of the individual.

The Constitution of India has several distinctive features & it declares India as parliamentary democratic.


  • Complete political freedom
  • The supreme authority
  • Internally all powerful
  • Externally free


Planned and coordinated social development


  • Allows all to profess, preach & practice any religion


  • Democracy as a value
  • Government derives its authority from the will of the people


  • President of India is elected among the people


  • Social, Economic & Political Justice


  • Freedom of Idea, expression, belief & worship
  • Equality of status and opportunities


  • Brotherhood among people of India
  • Equal participation in democratic governance
  • Strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation

Salient Features of The Constitution

Written Constitution - The constitution of India is the longest written constitution.

Combination of Rigidity & Flexibility - Constitution may be called rigid or flexible based on its amending procedure.

Federal Polity & Parliamentary Democracy - The federal system of state and the parliamentary form of government.

Fundamental Rights & Duties - Six fundamental Rights & eleven Fundamental duties.

Directive Principles of State Policy - Ensuring social and economic reforms.

Single Integrated & Independent Judiciary - Single hierarchy of courts.

Single Citizenship - Every Indian is a citizen of India.

Universal Adult Franchise - Every Indian voting right after attaining a certain age (present 18 years).

Emergency Provision - Three types of emergencies:

  1. emergency caused by war, external aggression, or armed rebellion
  2. emergency arising out of the failure of constitutional machinery in states
  3. financial emergency