Absorption of Water and Mineral Salts by Plants

Plants which are grown in soil, absorb water and mineral salts from soil and roots.

Plants need water due to many reasons. For example:

  1. Every part of plant has some portion of water.
  2. Leaves get out of stem straight die to required amount of water otherwise they will become loose and fall down.
  3. Water serves as a raw material in the process of food making or photosynthesis.
  4. Evaporation of water in summer keeps plants cool in hot weather.

Need of mineral salts in plants

Plants require mineral salts in the same way as they require water. Some of the important minerals required by plants are calcium, potassium, nitrate, phosphate, etc. These are used in the structure of the plants. Various minerals are also absorbed by the soil. 

Absorbing water

Plants absorb water through roots. Mineral salts absorb roots and plant which move towards upper part of plant with water. These minerals with water reach the central part of stem called xylem and is transported to upper branches and leaves, minerals salts and absorbs water moving up is called rasrohan (sucking).