Algae - Look Like Plants But Are Not Plants

Algae are simple organism which looks like plants. They have a cell membrane and chlorophyll. They can be single cell or multi cell. They don't have stem or leaves, these are mostly found in water or wet places.

Algae make a green surface on wet land which is slippery. Green thread like organisms swim on the surface of the pond are also a type of algae. Water tanks which are not cleaned for a longer time has green green slippery structure on the wall; it is also a kind of algae. Algae are a microscopic organism which ranges from single cell to many meter long cells. Even ocean algae is also a type of algae some places have red algae too.

Useful Algae

  1. Some algae are the food of the fishes and water organisms.
  2. Some special algae are used to increase the thickness of some special ice creams and jelly.
  3. Algae makes food by photosynthesis ad gives our oxygen in nature which is inhaled by other organisms.
  4. Some algae are used in industries.
  5. These are also used as manures.

Harmful Algae

  1. Some algae which grow in ponds are harmful for other organisms.
  2. Algae born in water tanks make water unsuitable for drinking.