Conservation of Energy

A number of large oil fields have been detected in the past years, even after running programs of oil explorations. Our oil and gas demand will certainly exceed the available supply in the early twenty first century. This type of situation is called energy crisis. In times of energy crisis there is high demand and limited supply of energy.

Fossil fuels are limited in quantity, so to conserve energy sources we should use them as little as possible.

We all must put serious effort to save energy. For this, we can start from our home.

  • When not needed, we can switch off the bulbs and fans; and other electrical devices.
  • Do not leave water tanks open because energy is also used to supply water.
  • Keep the vessel covered while cooking lentils, rice, etc. and does not use more water than necessary to cook them.
  • Soak the pulses in water for a while before setting them on for cooking.

There are some ways to comply by which we can save a lot of energy. Outside the house, if we have to go a little bit far, we can go on foot or go by bicycle and save energy by not going by vehicle. To save fuel, you can travel by public vehicles rather than using a private vehicle.

Another way to save energy is to use more efficient applications. For example, fluorescence tubes (tube lights) of the same power rate give more light than bulbs. Fuel burns more efficiently in good stoves and they give relatively higher heat for the result of energy per unit. More energy efficient vehicles should be used and their engines should properly be taken care of.

Conservation of Energy

We use energy every moment. We eat food and use the energy stored in food to do our work and maintain body temperature. When work is there, energy is transformed from one form to another. In the period of every physical, chemical or biological change, energy is transformed from one form to another. But at the time of all these energy conversions, the total quantity of energy remains unchanged. Energy can neither be generated, nor can it be destroyed. It only changes from one form to another, and the sum total of all the energies of the body remains fixed.