Interdependence of Organisms

Everything, organisms and plants are dependent on each other. They are connected together. Nature has made us in a way that humans, plants, animals and organisms are connected to each other. This makes a balance in nature. If one of them slips out or get separated then the chain gets destroyed.

For example, earthworms are mostly found in rainy or moisture land. They are very helpful in making soil fertile. They make soil hollow and fertile for agriculture. This helps in high production. In this way, earthworm, soil and crops are related to each other.

How are Plants and Animals Connected?

Plants prepare food by the process of photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight. In this way green plants are dependent on animals. On the other hand, animals cannot prepare their own food. They are dependent on plants for their food directly or indirectly. 

For example, bees are dependent on flowers to prepare honey. They get pollen grains flowers and stick from one flower to another. This process is called pollination. In this way, plants get benefit from bees and bees get benefited from plants for honey. This is called interdependence. In the same way, butterfly and plants are also dependent on each other.

Dependence of Animals on Each Other

There are many organisms which are dependent on each other. For example, some organisms and protozoa present in food pipe of termites. These organisms are not the food of termites but they are helpful in digesting the wood eaten by termites. In this way, termites get digestible food and microorganism get food and place to live. 

Nature's Balance

Every organism needs food to live. Big animals eat small or less powerful animals by hunting. In the same way the powerful animals eat animals smaller to them. This makes a chain called food chain. Imagine a small jungle (forest) where only plants, deer and lion live. What will happen if all lions are killed in the jungle? This will increase the number of deer in the jungle. There will be a time when all the plants will be eaten by the excess population of the deer. After plants end, all deer will too die of hunger.