We have been using metals since ages. The use of metals has been very important for human life that many civilizations have been named after metals like Iron Age and Copper Age.

Many objects are made up of many type of elements. Some metals are found naturally in mountains where as some are prepared by humans in factories.

Minerals available in nature have been classified into two categories - metallic and non-metallic. We get metals from metallic minerals. These are also known as mineral ores. 89 types of minerals are found in India, out of which 11 are metallic, 52 non-metallic, 4 fuel minerals and 22 other minerals.

Those minerals from which metals can be extracted easily are called metal ores.

Some of the important minerals are iron, copper, aluminum, manganese and gold. In the same way, many non-metallic and minerals are also found in India, these are mica, gypsum, limestone, dolomite and asbestos.