Properties of Air

Air is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is a mixture of many gases. We can see through it.

Apart from these, there are some other properties of air:

  1. Air surrounds the place.
  2. There is a load in the air.
  3. Air exerts pressure.
  4. The volume of air can be reduced by compressing it.

The air surrounds the space

Matter surrounds space. Air is also a substance. Like any other substance, air also occupies the space.

Air exerts pressure

The layer of air around the earth exerts pressure on the earth, which is called atmospheric pressure or air pressure. The air pressure at the sea level is the highest. As we move upstream from the sea level, the air pressure decreases. This happens because the amount of air decreases at height.

The volume of air can be reduced by compressing it

There is no attraction force between the molecules of a gas. Molecules are very much far away from each other. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the volume of the gas by pressing it. Air, since it is a gas, can also be reduced by compressing it. This process is called compression.