Ramayana Major Events - Part 1

Saint Narada visits hermitage of Valmiki - Valmiki queries about a single perfect individual bestowed with all good qualities enumerated by him - Narada, knower of past, present and future, identifies such a man - describes virtues, qualities of Sri Rama - narrates briefly the story of his life.

Ascetic Valmiki enquired of Narada, preeminent among the sages ever engaged in the practice of religious austerities or study of the Vedas and best among the eloquent.

"Who in this world lives today endowed with excellent qualities, prowess, righteousness, gratitude, truthfulness and firmness in his vows?

Who is that one gifted with good conduct, given to the wellbeing of all living creatures, learned in the lore (knowledge of all things that is known), capable of doing things which others cannot do and singularly handsome?

Who (among men) is self-restrained? Who has conquered anger? Who is endowed with brilliance and free from envy? Who is that when excited to wrath even the devatas, are afraid of (let alone foes)?

O Maharshi, I intend to hear about such a man whom you are able to place? Indeed great is my curiosity".

Invited by Valmiki to take his seat Narada, knower of the three worlds heard him and said with delight, "Listen to me!". And thus spoke.

"O sage! rare indeed are men endowed with the many qualities you have described. I ascertained one. Listen carefully.

People have heard his name as Rama, who was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty, having steady nature, possessing incomprehensible prowess, self-effulgent, self-commanding and subjecting senses under his control.

He (Sri Rama) is a great intellectual, adherent to rules, eloquent, handsome, destroyer of foes (sins), broad-shouldered, strong-armed, having conch-shaped neck and prominent cheeks.

Possessing a broad chest, armed with a great bow, with fleshy collar bones, knee-long arms, a noble head, a graceful forehead and great prowess, he is the destroyer of foes (sins).

Mighty and powerful, he has a well-proportioned body, neither tall nor short, shining complexion, well-developed chest, large eyes, lustrous body and good qualities.

Pious, firm in his vows, he is ever intent on doing good to his subjects. He is, illustrious, wise, and pure at heart. He is obedient to elders (or accessible to those who are dependent on him) and ever meditating (on the means of protecting those who take refuge in him).

Auspicious like Brahma, Sri Rama is the sustainer of this world, destroyer of enemies and protector of all living beings and of the moral code.

He has performed the duties of a king and protected his subjects. knowledgeable in the true nature of the Vedas, he is accomplished in military science (he is a great archer).

Sri Rama knows the true meaning of all scriptures and has a retentive memory. He is talented (possessing brightness of conception). He is beloved and well-disposed towards all people (and courteous even towards those who have done him harm). He has an unperturbed mind (even in times of extreme grief) and is circumspect (in doing right things at the right time).

Sri Rama, like sea to rivers, is accessible to men of virtue and has equal disposition towards all. He always has a pleasing appearance. Sri Rama, bestowed with all virtues, enhanced the joys of Kausalya, He is like the sea in deportment and like Himavant in fortitude.

Sri Rama is like Visnu in prowess, the Moon in pleasing appearance, the all consuming fire in anger, the earth in patience, Kubera in charity and the Sun in steadfastness.

With a desire to promote the welfare of the people king Dasaratha decided to install Sri Rama, his eldest and affectionate son as heir (apparent) who was bestowed with all excellent qualities and true prowess, beloved of the people he was ever intent in the welfare of the people.