Ramayana Major Events - Part 3

Having entered the dense forest Dandaka, Rama slew the demon Viradha and saw the sages Sarabhanga, Sutikshna and Agastya with his brother.

As directed by sage Agastya, Rama received with extreme delight a bow, a sword and quivers with inexhaustible arrows, given by Indra to Agastya (to be passed on to Rama).

While Rama was dwelling in the forest (in the hermitage of sage Sarabhanga), all the ascetics along with others (sages) inhabiting the forest approached Rama requesting for the destruction of the asuras and rakshasas seizing upon their lives.

Rama promised those ascetics, who resembled flaming fire in lustre living in Dandakaranya inhabited by rakshasas to slay them.

During his stay there a demon called Surpanakha living in Janasthana (resting place for the army of Ravana in Dandakaranya) and capable of assuming any form at will was rendered deformed by Lakshmana.

Thereafter Rama killed in the fight all the rakshasas, Khara, Trisira, and Dushana with their followers in a battle who were instigated by Surpanakha's words.

During his stay in that forest Rama killed fourteen thousand rakshasas who were inhabitants of Janasthana. Having heard the slaughter of fellow rakshasa, Ravana became violent with anger and sought the help of a rakshasa named Maricha.

Maricha repeatedly dissuaded him saying, 'O Ravana It is not proper for you to enter into hostility with the mighty and powerful Rama'. Disregarding his words Ravana incited by fate left for the hermitage of Rama along with Maricha.

He with the help of deceitful Maricha drew the princes (Rama and Lakshmana) far away from their hermitage abducted Sita the wife of Rama and slaughtered vulture Jatayu.

Having seen and heard from the eagle Jatayu struck down by Ravana that Sita had been abducted Rama bewailed, choked with tears his senses dulled by distress.

Then he performed in the midst of tears the funeral rites of the vulture Jatayu. Wandering in search of Sita, he beheld a rakshasa named Kabandha who was dreadful, in deformed in appearance.

Mighty armed Rama, having killed Kabandha, consigned his body to flames. While leaving for heavens he informed him saying, 'O Raghava, there is a female ascetic in Sabara community, performing religious duties and proficient in practising austerities. You may visit her'.

Rama son of Dasaratha, destroyer of enemies and possessing great splendour approached Sabari who duly worshipped him.

On the bank of Pampa he met a monkey named Hanuman on whose advice he made friendship with Sugriva.

Mighty Rama narrated to Sugriva all that had happened right from the beginning, more importantly Sita's abduction and also to Hanuman.