Ramayana Major Events - Part 4

Rama killed fourteen thousand demons in Dandkaranya forest. Ravana abducted Sita with the help of Maricha. Rama made friendship with Hanumn and Sugriva and had meeting with Sabri.

Hearing everything that story from Rama, Sugriva was very pleased and made a pact with Rama in the presence of Agni as witness.

Thereafter Sugriva, king of monkeys filled with sorrow narrated to Rama out of friendship the entire account of his hostilities (with Vali).

Then Rama vowed to slay Vali. The monkey (Sugriva) described about Vali's prowess to Rama.

Doubtful of the prowess Sugriva of Rama. Sugriva in order to get convinced showed him the huge (dead) body of Dundubhi resembling a big mountain.

The strong armed Rama, who was endowed with great strength looked at the skeleton and smiled within himself for a while. He kicked off the skeleton with the great toe of his foot completely to a full distance of ten yojanas (eighty miles).

Again in order to create confidence (in Sugriva), he released a single mighty shaft which penetrated seven palmyra trees, a mountain and the Rasatala.

Pleased with Rama's action and convinced of his prowess he left thereafter with Rama. The left for Kishkindha which was like a cave.

On entering the city of Kishkindha, Sugriva the best of monkeys of reddish yellow hue roared with a great voice. There upon Vali, the lord of monkeys came out (of the cave).

After convincing his wife Tara, who was dissuading from this, Vali entered into a combat with Sugriva. There, Rama killed Vali with a single shaft.

After he killed Vali in the combat in compliance with the words of Sugriva, Rama installed Sugriva as king.

The best of monkeys (Sugriva) gathered his monkey forces and despatched them in various directions in search of Janaka's daughter (Sita).

At the suggestion of the vulture, Sampathi mighty Hanuman leapt over the salt ocean extending over a hundred yojanas.

Hanuman arrived at the city of Lanka ruled by Ravana and found Sita in the Ashoka garden meditating on Rama.

Hanuman delivered Rama's ring to Sita as a token of recognition, related the whole story and consoled her. He then crushed the arch (of the outer gate of the garden) before leaving.

After killing five commanders, seven sons of the counsellors, stamping out valiant Akshayakumara, the son of Ravana, Hanuman got himself captured (to be taken as captive).

The heroic Hanuman came to know that he could be released from the entanglements of the weapon granted to him through a boon by Brahma. He allowed himself to be restrained by the rakshasas with the ropes for the sake of achieving his other objective of seeing Ravana. Thereafter, he burnt the whole of Lanka except the place where Sita was and returned to deliver the good news to Rama.

Reaching Rama the great Hanuman gifted with boundless intellect circumambulated him and infact informed him that he had seen Sita.

Thereafter, Rama reached the shore of the ocean together with Sugriva and saw the ocean agitated with shafts burning like the Sun.

Samudra, lord of rivers, (afraid of Rama's anger) and having appeared in his own form, and on his advice got a bridge built with the help of Nala.