Ramayana Major Events - Part 5

Rama had killed Vali. Hanuman was sent to Lanka in search of Sita. Hanuman found Sita in Ashok Vatika. He was captured by men of Ravana. Then he set Lanka on fire and returned back to Rama to give Sita’s information.

Rama entered the city of Lanka by means of that bridge, killed Ravana in the battle and recovered Sita. Thereafter he felt greatly embarassed (for accepting his wife who had stayed in an others.

Rama spoke harsh words about Sita in the assembly. Sita, incapable of enduring such words, entered fire.

With the of testimony of the fire God, Rama was exceedingly pleased to know that Sita was sinless. All the gods adored him.

All the animate and inanimate beings, gods and sages in the three worlds were very pleased at this noble deed of the great Rama.

After coronating the demon chief Vibhishana in the city of Lanka, Rama free from distress, exceedingly rejoiced after having accomplished his objective.

Rama who was a delight of all whose strength lies in truth went to the hermitage of Bharadwaja (as promised) and despatched Hanuman to Bharata as his messenger.

Again accompanied by Sugriva and recalling earlier incidents and after both of them discussed with each other, Rama departed to Nandigrama riding that pushpaka chariot.

At Nandigrama sinless Rama arrived, met his brothers. They shed their matted locks. With Sita restored he regained his kingdom.

The entire world rejoiced with happiness with their desire fulfilled they were content. All people were following the path of righteousness. There was no fear of sufferings or agonies, diseases or famine.

During the period of Rama's rule, no where would men witness the death of their sons or women widowed. They would ever remain chaste and devoted to their husbands.

There (in the kingdom of Rama) was no fear of fire, water, wind, disease, hunger and also theft.

All the cities and villages were affluent with wealth and food grains. People lived happily as though they lived in Kritayuga. Highly renowned Rama, having satisfied the gods with the performance of a hundred of aswamedhas and many suvarnakas bestowing hundreds of thousands of cows and immense wealth on the Brahmins, will return to Brahmaloka.

Rama will establish hundredfold royal dynasties and employ the four Varnas to do their respective duties, in this world.

Rama, reigning the kingdom for eleven thousand years, will attain Brahmaloka.

This story of Rama is sacred and holy. It destroys sins and is equal to the Vedas. Whosoever reads it will be freed from all sins.

This story of Ramayana enhances longevity of those who read it and recite it. They will be worshipped in heavens after their death along with their sons and grandsons, servants and relations.

A brahmin becomes proficient in the eighteen branches of learning a kshatriya gets lordship over landed possessions a vaisya gets the fruits of his business and sudra also attains greatness by reading Ramayana".