Sensory Organs

Organs which tell us about the presence, element or taste of any objects are called sensory organs. We can see, listen or feel by these organs. We have five sensory organs - eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.

1. Eyes

Eyes are essential to read and see objects around us. When a light ray comes to eyes from an object. Then, nerves inside our eyes get stimulated and sends messages to brain. Brain reads the messages and draws a whole picture of the object. We can see and understand many surrounding objects by this method.

2. Ear

These are spreading on face. They take sound waves inside the body. The sensory nerves inside ears get shook and hear news is sent as message to the brain This also shows the balance of body which can be seen through ear.

3. Nose

Nose helps in sending smell of various kinds and message to brains. We can identity many tasty foods by smell only.

4. Tongue

This helps un identifying taste of various types like sweet, sour, bitter, warm, hot, salty, etc.

5. Skin

This sensory organs tell us about pain, feel, warm-cold, hard-soft by touching. Some of the areas of skin have high degrees of touch like fingers on head.