Sky (Space)

The sky is very large. It is wrapped around our earth. When we see it with our eyes we see blue color. In Vedic culture it is called 'open space' or a place that is void.

If we look at the expanse of the sky, from the atmosphere around the earth, it is infinite. All the weather events like rain, storm etc. occurs in this atmosphere. All the planets, satellites, solar system and much Akash (sky) Ganges are found in space extending beyond the same atmosphere.

Our Akash (sky) Ganga is one of these many Akash (sky) Ganges spread in space. Our solar system is located in this. We also know Akash (sky) Ganga as 'Kshir Sagar' and in English it is called 'Milky Way' i.e. 'River of Milk'.