Municipal Councils

Cities which do not have very large population have Municipalities known as Municipal Councils to look after the local cities, their problems and developmental work.

After the 74th Amendment, the constitution of Municipalities is obligatory for every concerned city. Every Municipal Council has Councillors who are elected by the adult voters of the city for 5 years.

If in any case, the Municipal Council gets dissolved before completing the full term of 5 years, the elections for a new Municipal Council are to be held within six months.

Chairperson or President of the Municipal Council is elected by the Councillors from among the elected members. Chairperson holds the office till he/ she enjoys the confidence of the majority of the elected members. Every Municipal Council has an Executive Officer who is appointed by the State government. He or She looks after the day-to-day work and also the administration. The Health Officer, Tax Superintendent, Civil Engineer are the other important officers.