It is necessary to understand the world of work. The world of work comprises unlimited number of occupations. For example, if you want to be a teacher then you should be clear that teaching profession in itself comprises of so many types, having different qualifications for different levels.

Each job has some requirements. These include

  1. Age requirement
  2. Gender requirement
  3. Citizenship requirement
  4. Physical (specially for armed forces) requirement
  5. Personality requirement
  6. Educational and training requirements
  7. Experience requirement
  8. Legal requirement
  9. Licensing requirement

The requirements cannot be same for all types of jobs. For example, physical requirements for the Armed Forces will be strictly followed but for a sales worker it is of almost of no importance. Even the physical requirements differ across different States of our country.

To fulfill the motives of choosing a vocation is dependent on educational and vocational planning. The importance of planning cannot be overlooked. It is necessary for each and every person to plan his or her education before hand.

The goal of general education is to develop positive attitude and respect for all types of work to be carried out for the proper functioning of society. The term general education is used to describe education from Primary level to College or University level and has different stages, such as Elementary, Secondary, Higher secondary and so on.

Emerging Perspective on Vocational Choice

After educational and vocational planning one should go for vocational choice. Interest refers to liking and disliking about an object, institutions, job etc. For choosing a vocation, it is necessary to know one’s interest. It is also essential to know aptitude and personality. Before making vocational choice one should know the correlation between ability and interest, along with personality characteristics.

Many measures have been developed by psychologists which help in identifying one’s interest. The counselor can be helpful in providing a clear picture of your interest, he will also be able to tell about your aptitude and personality characteristics. You should also know the minimum educational qualifications required for the job. After you know of your interest area, your aptitude and your personality characteristics, you will be in a position to make a wise vocational choice.

The interest changes with time, and abilities as well as personality characteristics are not entirely fixed. So, one can also make an alternative choice because, if he or she is not able to achieve the first one must try for other alternatives.