Jeevan Vigyan

Jeevan Vigyan is a harmonious practical method to inculcate human values. It teaches us the positive values to enable us to control our mind. Human behaviour can be disciplined only if our thoughts and mind are disciplined.

According to psychology the control of behaviour is partly regulated by the nervous system and endocrine glands. They keep undergoing changes and they can be consciously changed. The changes can also brought by bhavshuddhi or purifying the emotions. The source of all emotions is body. The chemicals are produced in the gross body. If we learn to control our thoughts, purification of behaviour will follow.

Jeevan Vigyan is a plan to build a wholesome personality. It can be instrumental in fulfilling the dream of a new society and a new life style. We have to learn that we are interdependent beings and relate to nature as well as other fellow beings. Education is meant to develop the awareness of interdependence.

Jeevan Vigyan is a method of controlling our emotions. Our emotions have to be refined otherwise they may create problems. The anger and rage of a single boy/girl can result in disintegration of the whole family. Jeevan Vigyan trains our brains to regulate emotions and behaviours.

It is often said that modern education helps the development of knowledge and intellect. It considerably neglects our attitudes, inner consciousness and spirituality.

Jeevan Vigyan provides for a balanced development of both the hemispheres of the brain. It teaches control of our senses and reflex - actions. It is possible to get rid of negative thoughts by cultivating positive thinking. Jeevan Vigyan is a way of developing a balanced personality of an individual and provides a solution to build a healthy society.