Preksha Dhyana

Dhyana or meditation is an important component of Jeevan Vigyan. It is a particular technique of controlling and disciplining the mind. Its objective is to attain change in attitudes and behaviours and develop an integrated and balanced personality.

The different aspects of preksha include - Shwas Preksha (perception of breathing), Sharer Preksha (perception of body), and Chaitanya Kendra Prekshna (perception of psychic centres) When a person starts practicing dhyana or meditation one gradually experiences a change in one’s thinking and feeling. He or she feels that anger and fear are no longer disturbing and person’s behaviour changes. One becomes a more righteous person. Preksha dhyana brings poise to the mind and it looks controlled and disciplined.

Preksha Dhyana involves developing self awareness by relaxation. Today eminent doctors of various fields have realized the importance of relaxation as a therapy, for both healing and maintaining good physical and mental health. In Preksha Dhyana total relaxation is achieved by following stages meditations as given below:

  1. Kayotsarg: It involves having the condition of perfectly motionless state of body. Unless body is relaxed mind can not be relaxed.

  2. Mental Concentration: Here auto suggestion is used. By mastering this technique one will achieve mental stability in due course.

  3. Awareness of the body and realizations of the non-material self: It is not a passive state. Both mind and spirit are very active in it. It is seeing, knowing and realizing. It leads to realization of spiritual self and attainment of wisdom.