Currently education in India is spreading at a fast rate. The increase in the number of educated persons has already upset the employment position in the country and the number of failures in higher education is on the rise year after year. Keeping this in mind the need for special training is felt, because we still need competent persons, in every field of work.

The special training required for different occupations is useful for the students who are preparing for entry into those occupations.

  1. Professional Institute: These institutions provide higher education at the graduate and post-graduate level for preparing the students for specialized fields such as medical, engineering, management, information technology, and law, etc.

  2. Polytechnique: These institutions offer courses and impart training which prepares the students as technicians and other sub-professions like junior engineer, draughtsman and other technical staff.

  3. Commercial Institutions: These institutes give training in courses like typing, short hand, book keeping, file management, etc.

  4. Craft Training School: The demand for craft training schools like cutting and tailoring, weaving, embroidery, handicrafts and wood carving has been increasing over the last few years.

  5. Special Institutions: Now a days the younger generation is attracted towards specialized institutes like the film and television institutions, merchant navy, institutes of hotel management, fashion technology, etc.

  6. Correspondence Institutions: Those students who do not get admission into regular institutions due to one or the other reason are provided education through distance mode, they can complete their education while they can stay at their homes or they can earn for their livelihood.