Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Maharshi Mahesh Yogi has propounded (developed) a simple system of meditation called Transcendental Meditation (TM). Meditation in general, helps in regulating thoughts and establishing a sense of peace in the mind of the particener. There are many types of meditation in India. Some people meditate using OM, some focus on Jyoti, some by worship an idol. Concentration is involved in all these meditations which make them strenuous.

It is said that meditation is like floating on the surface of a pond, contemplation is like swimming on the surface and TM is like diving deep into the pond-from the outer surface to deep inside the water. TM does not involve concentration or contemplation. Using this method the mind experiences subtler (finer) state of thought and eventually transcends (goes beyond) all thoughts.

In TM the mind experiences a kind of freshness where all mental and physical tensions are removed. The qualities of energy, positivity and creativity then manifest (appear) in the mind or consciousness.

TM moves our mind from the surface of life to the depth of our Being. By this method the conscious mind takes a dive into the deeper levels of consciousness and this makes the surface value of the mind more powerful. The thought waves become more powerful. When the thought force is powerful, the whole life becomes powerful.

Human life is just a play of the mind. If the mind is weak, life is weak, accomplishments are week and problems and tragedies increase. If the mind is strong, thoughts force is strong, accomplishments are greater and tragedies do not occur.

TM ensures the connection of the outer life with the inner value of Being. This makes all the avenues of outer life to become positive and worthwhile. In other words, through TM the outer conscious mind can get access to the inner glories of life. We are able to experience the innermost core of personality - that field which is the source of all wisdom, all peace, all happiness and all creativity.

In TM the mind experiences subtler states of thought and eventually transcends all thoughts. Our existence is rejuvenated and all mental and physical tensions are removed. The mind becomes peaceful, disciplined and controlled.