Learning of one task does not remain confined to that specific task only. That learning is used in other situations also. A person’s ability to utilize knowledge, skills and any kind of learning is highly appreciated. If a child learns to multiply or divide, the child can use the process not only in the class but also in the market place or at home if it is required.

Transfer of training refers to the process of using earlier learning in a new situation. It is positive if the first learning helps the second learning. It can be negative if the first learning interferes with the second learning. It can be zero if the first learning neither helps nor interferes with the second learning.

Learning transforms a person in many ways and occurs throughout one’s life. Good learners utilize each and every opportunity as an occasion for learning. The methods or types of learning mentioned earlier provide only some basic ideas about learning. The changes that take place in personality, attitude and interest are also consequences of certain types of learning. They take place in complex ways. As learning progresses your ability to learn also develops. If you learn you become a better person, flexible in approach and competent enough to appreciate the reality.