Introductory Guide to Medieval History

There was transformation of European Society after the downfall of the Roman Empire, and the birth of a new religion called Islam which led to the founding of a vast empire that originated in West Asia and spread out over a large part of the world.

The Medieval Period is also called the Middle Age. The period which succeeded the ancient period and come before the Modern Period.

A. Medieval Indian History

  1. Delhi Sultanate
  2. Slave Dynasty
  3. Khilji Dynasty
  4. Tughlaq Dynasty
  5. Sayyid Dynasty
  6. Lodi Dynasty
  7. Mughal Empire
  8. Emergence of New States

B. Medieval Cultural History

  1. Rise of Islam
  2. Rise of Sufism
  3. Bhakti Movement
  4. Sikhism
  5. Zoroastrianism
  6. Cultural Development During Medieval Period

C. Languages and Literature

  1. Persian and Urdu
  2. Hindi Literature
  3. Bengali Literature
  4. Assamese Literature

D. Performing Arts

  1. Concepts of Performing Arts
  2. Divisions of Indian Classical Music

E. Medieval World History

  1. Europe in Medieval Times
  2. Feudalism
  3. Arab Civilisation during Medieval Period

F. Questions

  1. Medieval History