Accountancy Portal

Accounting is the language of business. It helps the business not only in finding out profits and losses for a period and its financial position on a particular date but also helps in management of business. It has its own well designed and established principles which are guided by some concepts and conventions.

1. Introduction and Basic Concepts

  1. Meaning of Accounting
  2. Business Transactions and Book Keeping
  3. Difference Between Book Keeping and Accounting
  4. Accounting Concepts
  5. Accounting Conventions
  6. Accounting Terminology

2. Journal and Other Subsidiary Books

  1. Accounting Equation
  2. Double Entry System of Book-Keeping
  3. Journal
  4. Cash Book
  5. Bank Reconciliation Statement
  6. Purchases and Sales Book

3. Ledger and Trial Balance

  1. Ledger
  2. Trial Balance
  3. Accounting Errors in Trial Balance

4. Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves

  1. Depreciation
  2. Straight Line Method of Depreciation
  3. Diminishing Balance Method of Depreciation
  4. Provisions
  5. Reserves

5. Preparation of Financial Statements

  1. Financial Statements
  2. Adjustments in Financial Statements
  3. Financial Statements of a Company
  4. Analysis of Financial Statements
  5. Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis
  6. Liquidity Ratios
  7. Activity Ratios
  8. Solvency Ratios
  9. Profitability Ratios
  10. Accounting Ratio Analysis

6. Computer in Accounting

  1. Computers in Accounting
  2. Introduction to Tally