Indian Military History

The history of ancient India is largely a history of culture. Tribes forms societies and societies became civilizations with rich Cultural Heritage and a well organised system of governance. Pastoral society of the early vedic age got transformed into settled Agrarian society in the later vedic period.

1. Ancient India

  1. Warrior System in Ancient India
  2. A United India
  3. Armies in Ancient Age
  4. Regular Army and Mercenary Force
  5. Strategy and Tactics in War
  6. Military Ethos
  7. Mauryan Empire
  8. The Kalinga War
  9. Arthasastra
  10. Gupta Empire

2. Medieval India

  1. Foreign Invasions in Medieval India
  2. The Battles at Tarain and Consolidation of Muslim Rule
  3. Military System of Mughal Empire
  4. First Battle of Panipat
  5. Battle of Khanwa
  6. Battle of Chanderi
  7. Mansabdari System
  8. Second Battle of Panipat
  9. Battle of Haldighati
  10. Causes of Downfall of Mughals

3. Colonial Era

  1. History of Colonial Rule
  2. Idea of Three Presidencies
  3. Native Indian Army
  4. Battles Fought in the Colonial Era
  5. Vellore Mutiny by Madras Native Infantry
  6. First War of Independence
  7. Reforms in the Indian Army
  8. World War I
  9. India's Participation in World War I
  10. Major Battles of World War I
  11. Indian Army in World War II

4. Armed Forces

  1. Historic Transformation of Indian Armed Forces
  2. Roles of Indian Army
  3. Composition and Organisational Structure of Indian Army
  4. Weapons and Equipment of Army
  5. Origin and Evolution of Indian Navy
  6. Role and Responsibility of Indian Navy
  7. Organisational Structure of Indian Navy
  8. Role and Responsibility of Indian Air Force
  9. Organizational Structure of Indian Air Force
  10. Air Crafts and Weapon Systems

5. Post Independence

  1. Genesis of the Kashmir Problem
  2. Annexation of Hyderabad
  3. Annexation of Goa
  4. Genesis of Problem between India and China
  5. Sino-Indian War of 1962
  6. India-Pakistan War of 1965
  7. India-Pakistan War of 1971
  8. Major Operations in 1971 Indo-Pak War
  9. Kargil Conflict of 1999