Business Studies Topics

We all live in a very vast and complex business environment. Whether we are poor or rich, the business activities around us have made our lives easy by fulfilling our basic needs and also improving our standard of living. Today’s business activities are changing at a faster speed because of the advancement of science and technology and better communication system.

Modern methods of production and distribution have made today’s business world a global market. The goods and services produced in one country are now readily available in other countries. Scientific management, use of advanced information and communication technology, readily available finance and insurance provide greater relief to the complexity of business activities.

1. Nature and Scope of Business

2. Business Support Services

3. Business Environment

4. Modern Modes of Business

5. Forms of Business Organisation

6. Company Form of Business Organisation

7. Public Sector Enterprises

8. Self Employment

9. Fundamental of Management

10. Planning

11. Organising

12. Staffing

13. Directing

14. Co-ordination and Controlling

15. Financing of Business

16. Financial Management

17. Indian Financial Market

18. Introduction to Marketing

19. Marketing Mix

20. Advertising and Salesmanship

21. Internal Trade

22. External Trade

23. Consumer Protection