1. Nature and Scope of Business

2. Business Support Services

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Communication

3. Business Environment

  • Meaning and Importance of Business Environment
  • Dimension of Business Environment
  • Economic Environment of Business
  • Social Environment of Business
  • Political and Legal Environment of Business
  • Technological Environment of Business
  • Demographic Environment of Business
  • Recent Developments in Indian Economy
  • Concept and Importance of Social Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility towards various interest groups
  • Business Ethics

4. Modern Modes of Business

  • E-business
  • E-commerce
  • E-banking
  • E-post
  • Outsourcing of Services

5. Forms of Business Organisation

  • Meaning of forms of Business Organisation
  • Different forms of Business Organisation: Sole proprietorship, Joint Hindu Family, Partnership, Co-operative Societies - Meaning, Characteristics, Merits, Limitations, Suitability and Formation

6. Company Form of Business Organisation

  • Meaning, Characteristics and Types of Joint Stock Company
  • Merits, Limitations and Suitability of Joint Stock Company
  • Choosing the right form of business organisation
  • Multinational Company - Meaning, Features, Advantages and Limitations

7. Public Sector Enterprises

  • Concept of Private and Public Sector
  • Forms of Public Sector Enterprises - Departmental Undertaking, Public Corporation, Government Company
  • Role and Importance of Public Sector Enterprises

8. Self Employment

  • Meaning and importance of self-employment
  • Characteristics of self-employment
  • Avenues for self employment, manufacturing, trading, providing services
  • Meaning and characteristics Small Business
  • Importance and scope of Small Business in India
  • Government’s policies towards small Business in India
  • Institutional Support to small Business in India

9. Getting Ready for Wage Employment

  • Various sources
    • Employment exchange - meaning, procedure of registration, types of job offered
    • Placement agencies - meaning, concept, jobs offered
    • Advertising media - print and electronic, types of job offered
  • Getting ready for employment - preparing bio data, preparing for employment test, preparing for interview

10. Fundamental of Management

  • Concept, Characteristics and Importance of Management
  • Nature of management - as a science, as an art, as a process, as a discipline, as a group, as an activity
  • Levels of Management
  • Principles of Management
  • Functions of Management

11. Planning and Organising

  • Meaning, features and importance of planning
  • Steps in Planning
  • Meaning and process of Organising
  • Organisation Structure

12. Staffing

  • Staffing - meaning and importance
  • Process of staffing
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training

13. Directing

  • Directing - meaning and importance
  • Elements of directing - communication, supervision, motivation, leadership

14. Co-ordination and Controlling

  • Coordination - Meaning, and significance
  • Controlling- meaning and nature
  • Importance of controlling
  • Process of control 

15. Financing of Business

  • Meaning of Business Finance
  • Importance of Business Finance
  • Types of Business Finance - Short term, Medium term and Long term Finance
  • Methods of Raising Capital:
    • Short term Capital: Trade Credit, Bank Credit (Loans and Advances, Cash Credit, Overdraft, Discounting of bills), Factoring, Advance from Customers, Instalment credit
    • Long term Capital: Issue of Share, Issue of Debenture, Loans from Financial Institutions, Public Deposits, Retention of Profits, Leasing, FDI, GDR, ADR 

16. Sources of Long Term Finance

  • Nature and Importance of Long-term finance
  • Sources - Capital market, Special Financial Institutions, Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Mutual Funds, and Retained profits.
  • Foreign Sources of Finance - External Borrowings, Foreign Investment, NRI financing

17. Financial Management

  • Meaning and objectives of Financial Planning
  • Concept of Capital Structure
  • Concept of Capitalization
  • Determining Fixed and Working capital requirement
  • Dividend and its determinants

18. Indian Financial Market

  • Meaning of Financial market
  • Capital market and Money market
  • Primary market and Secondary market
  • Stock Exchange - Role and Functions, Stock Exchanges in India
  • Role of SEBI

19. Introduction to Marketing

  • Meaning of Marketing
  • Importance of marketing
  • Marketing vs. Selling
  • Objectives of Marketing
  • Functions of Marketing

20. Marketing Mix

  • Concept of Marketing-mix
  • Product-meaning, classification
  • Pricing - Factors and approaches
  • Place - channels of distribution - meaning, types and factors affecting the choice of an appropriate channel
  • Promotion - meaning and concept of promotion mix

21. Advertising and Salesmanship

  • Advertising- meaning, difference between advertising and publicity, objectives, media
  • Salesmanship - Meaning, role, qualities of a good salesman
  • Sales promotion - meaning, objectives and tools used

22. Internal Trade

  • Meaning and characteristics of Internal trade
  • Types of middlemen and their role - Wholesaler; Retailer
  • Large Scale retail stores
  • Recent trends in distribution - Direct marketing, Tele-marketing, Internet marketing

23. External Trade

  • Meaning, importance and types
  • Difficulties faced in external trade
  • Export trade procedure
  • Import trade procedure
  • Export promotion measures

24. Consumer Protection

  • Meaning of consumer
  • Consumer protection-meaning and importance
  • Rights and responsibilities of Consumers
  • Mechanism for Consumer Protection